• Animated Shorts

    March 22, 2018

Presented by:
Columbus College of Art & Design

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About the Event:

Kick off the 66th Columbus International Film & Animation Festival with exceptional animations, featuring a famous land-shark detective created by CCAD grad Allie Vanaman, a cantankerous old matchmaker, narcotics addiction in West Virginia, and everything in between. Films include:  Where it Floods Director: Joel Benjamin Runtime: 46 minutes Blind stubbornness in the face of global catastrophe, and the victims thereof. Calvin, his wife, Patty, and their son, Kenny, try to maintain their farm and survive in a flooded midwestern landscape despite the fact that (mostly) everyone else seems to have moved on to somewhere safer.  Between Sand and Tides Director: Rui Fan Wang Runtime: 4 minutes, 17 seconds “When all life is drained and vacuumed, all that’s left is sand. For a very long time, I was sand and I was drowned.” An exhausted girl travels across an endless desert to look for new hope while trying to deal with her erratic tempered anteater.  The Wayward Kite Director: Yuting Hsueh Runtime: 7 minutes, 55 seconds An untethered kite flees to a city. The setbacks and wounds make it grow, change, and realize its real inner goal to fight for.  Allisk8r Director: Anna Prado Runtime: 2 minutes, 6 seconds In prehistoric times, a little alligator with a big attitude gets his kicks skateboarding and being a cool dude. That is, until the cantankerous dinosaur law gets on his case! Will Allisk8r ever catch a break? Allisk8r is a film that highlights a snappy, flat cartoon animation style and colorful high-energy editing and action, and a whimsical 1990s callback design sensibility.  The Finvestigations of Sharklock Foams Director: Allie Vanaman Runtime: 3 minutes, 24 seconds When a lighthouse keeper dies under mysterious circumstances, it’s up to famous land-shark detective Sharklock Foams and his otter companion, Doctor Flotsam, to track down the culprit and thwart a much more sinister plot.  Ceci n’est pas une animation (This is not an animation) Director: Federico Kempke Runtime: 5 minutes, 14 seconds A group of pretentious animators are followed through the process of creating the “ultimate animated film.” But do they really have the skills to back up their claims?  Extinguished Director: Ashley Anderson, Jacob Mann Runtime: 3 minutes, 43 seconds Matt, who has just had his heart broken and so was burned by his own flame, is afraid to fall in love again and feel the pain of heartbreak once more. When his flame ignites for a new girl he meets, he tries desperately to douse his own fire. As luck would have it, though, he runs into her everywhere and must eventually accept the flame inside of him and embrace a newfound love.  Love on the Balcony Director: Joshua Hyunwoo Jun, Kun Yu Ng Runtime: 3 minutes, 52 seconds An angry, crotchety old man does what he can to ruin his oppressively lovey-dovey neighbors in order to enjoy his peaceful and quiet days. When he finally succeeds in ruining the couple’s relationship, he starts to regret his actions and thus decides to make up for his mistakes. Will he get the couple back together again?  Hundred Miles Red Director: Wu Zheng, Jiawen Shen, Liying Huang Runtime: 2 minutes, 50 seconds The soft wind rises, the dark night lasts. With lights in their hands and red silk on their bodies, a crowd of women stand quietly under the gate. Their gazes are far into the mist, as they await the return of their lovers. All men left for war to protect the country, and today is the day of return. As dawn breaks, the city wakes to the thump of hooves …  Phototaxis Director: Melissa Ferrari Runtime: 6 minutes, 45 seconds Rooted in nonfiction, Phototaxis draws parallels between Mothman, a prophetic and demonized creature in West Virginia lore, and Narcotics Anonymous, the primary treatment program in West Virginia’s addiction epidemic.   The Girl and The Cat Director: Ervin Han, Bernard Toh Runtime: 12 minutes, 48 seconds A young girl is separated from her mother at a Singaporean night market and meets a cat who brings her deep into the underbelly of the bazaar, where fantasy meets reality.

Event Schedule:

March 22, 2018

  • Thu Mar 22, 1:00 PM – 2:45 PM





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