• Saengerfest 2018: Grand Concert

    June 30, 2018

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Destination Toledo

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About the Event:

You don't want to miss the Grand Concert for Saengerfest 2018 the International Swiss singing and yodeling festival. The Toledo Swiss Singers, one of the Northwest Ohio's oldest singing groups, will host Saengerfest 2018, an international Swiss singing and yodeling festival, in the heart of Downtown Toledo this June. The Singers will welcome more an a dozen other choirs from across North America, as part of the triennial festival. The Singers are part of the North American Swiss Singing Alliance (NASSA), made up of 14 choirs from Canada and the U.S. Hundreds of singers from around North America will descend upon the Glass City for the long summer weekend, beginning Thursday, June 28, and running through Sunday, July 1. The festival will culminate in a must-see Grand Concert on Saturday, June 30, on the historic stage of the Valentine Theatre. The groups will compete at a Prize Song Competition earlier in the day. Both events will be open to the public. Tickets can be purchased via the Valentine Theatre Box Office or by contacting the Swiss Singers. The most recent competition and festival was held in June 2015 in New Glarus, Wis. The Toledo Swiss Singers brought home gold and silver prizes from the competition. With Toledo in the international spotlight, the Singers hope many from near and far will join them for an unforgettable festival and Grand Concert on June 30. Find more information on the special website 

Event Schedule:

June 30, 2018

  • Sat Jun 30, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM








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