• The Extraordinary World of Charley Bowers

    January 5, 2021 – January 21, 2021

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Cleveland Institute of Art

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United States | 1926-30 | Charles R. Bowers, Harold L. Muller Now known mostly only to early-movie buffs, Charley Bowers (1889-1946) was one of the brightest and most idiosyncratic comedians of the silent era. Originally a cartoonist, Bowers starred in his own series of innovative slapstick comedies during the 1920s—many of which combined live action and animation. These inventive, often surreal shorts with manipulated puppets and intricate gadgets astound even modern audiences, so Bowers has recently enjoyed a rediscovery both here and in Europe. This program consists of seven of Bowers’ best surviving comedies, all newly restored by Lobster Films. Program includes: Egged On (1926); He Done His Best (1926); Fatal Footsteps (1926); Now You Tell One (1926); Many a Slip (1927); There It Is (1928); and It’s a Bird (1930). “Bowers is a cross between Buster Keaton and Rube Goldberg…One need only watch a single Bowers short from the 1920s to become a follower, if not a proselytizer.” –Leonard Maltin. Cleveland revival premiere! Music tracks and English subtitles. Total 151 min. The Extraordinary World of Charley Bowers, a Cinematheque streaming exclusive, can be viewed online from 1/1 thru at least 1/21 via the link below. Doing so supports the Cinematheque. Screening fee is $10, and you have 72 hours to watch the program.

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January 5, 2021 – January 21, 2021

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