Adventure: Valley of the Unknown

Presented by COSI Columbus

Venue: COSI Columbus

City: Columbus

Members of the "Explorer Society" have been conducting an archaeological dig in the "Valley of the Unknown" on a recently-discovered island. In the middle of the valley is the Observatory - a towering ruin rumored to hold the Treasure of Knowledge. Unfortunately, the Observatory is locked...and only true explorers can open it!

Crack the code:
Our intrepid adventurers need your help uncovering the secrets of this recently-discovered island. Use your wits, creativity, and keen skills of observation to navigate the island's three areas and decipher an ancient code.

Solve the levels, gain the ultimate treasure:
You'll have to gain access to the island's towering Observatory to complete your quest. Enter the correct code into the keypad and the doors of the Observatory will swing open! Listen closely - could your discovery lead to another level of hidden secrets?

Find your way through the maze, discover the truth:
Navigate the Maze of Reasoning, locate three hidden animal symbols, and bring the Spirit of Reason to life. Just when you think you know the rules, the game may change!

COSI Members: $2
Non-Members: $3
COSI Premium Members: FREE
One-year unlimited Adventure pass available for $15/person

  • November 3, 2010 – December 31, 2013
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