ROY G BIV Gallery for Emerging Artists

About the Presenter:

ROY G BIV Gallery is a nonprofit art gallery located in the historic Short North neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio. Founded in 1989, ROY G BIV is known for presenting innovative contemporary art by emerging artists from around the world. ROY G BIV's programming enhances Central Ohio's cultural landscape by exposing the public, through the artists' work, to current modes of art-making and thinking. Artists chosen to exhibit at ROY G BIV Gallery receive constructive criticism and educational feedback from the public, the artists' peers, eminent jurors, and the press. Inclusion in a ROY G BIV exhibition is often the opportunity that an emerging artist needs to begin to court commercial gallery representation. An anchoring presence in the Short North since its founding, ROY G BIV supports neighborhood activities and arts groups, participates in the Short North's group fundraising, hosts outside organizations in its gallery space, and collaborates with other arts institutions on events and promotional efforts. ROY G BIV invites you to become a part of this vibrant community organization: contact us at 614.279.7694 or


435 W. Rich St.
Columbus, OH 43215
614-297-7694 (phone)

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