ROY G BIV Gallery for Emerging Artists

About the Presenter:

Since 1989 the Roy G Biv Gallery for Emerging Artists has nurtured and supported local makers by providing education, juried feedback, sought-after exposure to the community and space to exhibit their work. After 30 years of bringing the best art into the Columbus community and beyond, we are moving forward. Roy G Biv’s next chapter will be written from Columbus’ newest emerging arts district: Franklinton. An artist who exhibits at Roy G Biv receives education, feedback and constructive criticism from jurors, the public, their peers and often the press. Inclusion in a Roy G Biv exhibition can be the opportunity that an emerging artist needs to make that first big step up to gain commercial gallery representation — and many have done so.  


435 W. Rich St.
Columbus, OH 43215
614-297-7694 (phone)

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