Xclaim Dance Company

About the Presenter:

Xclaim is a Contemporary Dance Ensemble that uses performance as a vehicle of expression, bringing art and vitality to the forefront of popular culture, through the creation of meaningful innovative dance and effective community outreach. Xclaim has been a Columbus dance staple since 2007.  Under the artistic direction of Mariah Layne French, Xclaim produces eclectic captivating Jazz Dance, fusing many dance styles to create works that are accessible to diverse audiences. Choreography emphasizes musicality and rhythm while exploring topics at the core of human existence, tapping a wide range of emotion. We aspire to create dance movement that moves people far beyond their seats. Outreach is a fundamental element in Xclaim's purpose. Our dancers are passionate about sharing their artistic resources and physical capabilities with those in need through compassion driven service projects, artistic educational workshops, and compelling insightful choreography. Xclaim currently serves as Artists in Residence at Charisma Centre for the Arts, which generously houses all of Xclaim's rehearsals and most workshops.  


4099 Karl Rd. Door E
Columbus, OH 43224
6145611635 (phone)

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