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A snapshot of the community. Black and White. Liberal and Conservative. Straight and Gay. Christian and Jew. Teens and Seniors. And everything in between. Joining forces to make music and make a difference. The Harmony Project embraces the mission of building community through the vehicle of the performing arts. The Harmony Project is designed to benefit the community in numerous ways. First, it provides an opportunity for people who may not be professional musicians or experienced singers to work toward performing at an artistic level they had never imagined. Music becomes more accessible to the choir participants, their families, friends and co-workers, as well as the wider concert audiences. Secondly, the choir models how a very diverse group--individuals of different racial backgrounds, religions, ages, political affiliations, sexual orientationsâ€"can bond through artistic collaboration as well as the experience of community service and philanthropy. Thus, the work of the members proliferates by inspiring their audiences and educating the larger community about what such an organization can accomplish. Thirdly, the community service provided by the choir (specific past activities will be discussed in a later section of this proposal) adds directly to the health and strength of the Columbus community. The Harmony Project presents four annual concerts (Spring and Winter) at the Lincoln Theatre, featuring the 150-voice choir, with music ranging from blue grass and spirituals to pop, gospel, blues and jazz.


139 E. Main Street
Columbus, OH 43215
614.564.9300 (phone)

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