COSI Columbus

About the Presenter:

COSI is one of the most respected and exciting science centers in the nation, providing world-class experiences and engaging programming to inspire interest and excitement around all things science, technology and engineering for people of all ages. COSI recently formed a unique partnership with the American Museum of Natural History bringing the American Museum of Natural History Dinosaur Gallery and the American Museum of Natural History Special Exhibition Gallery.  The new Dinosaur Gallery is a unique collaboration between a leading science center and a renowned natural history museum featuring installations of world-class dinosaur exhibits from the American Museum of Natural History including a full-size cast skeleton of the massive Tyrannosaurus rex, a stunning 60-foot-long metallic model of the long-necked Apatosaurus, and interactive exhibits showcasing the latest scientific findings about this fascinating group of animals. The adjacent American Museum of Natural History Special Exhibition Gallery will feature special exhibitions from the Museum on a rotating basis.  From hands-on interactives on the museum floor, to state-of-the-art planetarium and movie theater spaces, to its outreach education programs, COSI delivers science and science educational experiences both in its building and far beyond its walls. As a center piece of Columbus’s Downtown Peninsula, COSI stands as a leading cultural institution and destination attraction for regional, national and international audiences.  


333 West Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43215
614-228-2674 (phone)

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