Glass Axis

About the Presenter:

Glass Axis is a 12,700 sq. ft. world-class art center providing artists with the tools necessary to passionately create innovative works in glass while learning, sharing, and teaching. By giving artists access to affordable cold, warm, and hot glass facilities, plus studio, exhibition, education, outreach, and income-producing opportunities all under one roof, Glass Axis becomes a vibrant civic hub of art production and community participation, bolstering sustainable cultural equity throughout Ohio and beyond. List of Major Programs: 1) Affordable Facilities Rental: 17-hours a day access to hot glass, lampworking, neon, kiln casting, fusing, mosaic, stained glass, cold working, and metal studios. 2) Affordable Space Rental: private studios, lockers, and storage shelves 3) Paid Artist Assistantship and Instructor Opportunities 4) Work Credit for Artists 5) Professional Development, including Teacher Training, Board of Directors Opportunities, Networking Events, and Mentoring 6) Commission Program for Artists 7) Exhibition and Retail Space 8) Community Retail Events including Pumpkin Patch, Holiday Sale, and Spring Sale 9) Free "Last Saturday" monthly demonstrations by world-class artists 10) Educational Scholarships 11) Comprehensive Public Courses at all levels offered in hot glass, lampworking, kiln casting, neon, stained glass, mosaic, fusing, and cold working 12) Tours and workshops for Pre-K though 12 13) Outreach programs in Columbus City Schools 14) Goodwill Partnership 15) Internships for Columbus City Schools, Columbus College of Art and Design, and The Ohio Sate University


610 W. Town St.
Columbus, OH 43215
614-291-4250 (phone)

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