Dittrick Medical History Center

About the Presenter:

Explore the medical past, both familiar and strange, in our museum galleries, including new exhibits on the history of contraception and diagnostic medicine. For a long time, the Dittrick could be said to be a doctor's museum. Doctors created it, staffed it, collected for it, and saw it as a vehicle to document and venerate the medical profession. We still do that, but have broadened our mission to encompass a more universal perspective on health and medicine. Our most recent initiative, for example, presents the history of contraception. There are doctors and medicine in that story to be sure, but a whole lot more. We embrace the experience of individuals and society, trying to understand what options they had and what choices they made. We are now exploring the flip side of contraception: childbirth. What was birth like in the past, how has it changed, and why? The Museum part of Case Western Reserve University, College of Arts and Sciences and admission is free.


11000 Euclid Ave.
Allen Memorial Medical Library
Cleveland, OH 44106
216-368-3648 (phone)

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