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Since 1978, Near West Theatre has engaged youth on the Near West Side in a positive activity that taps their energy, allowing them to discover their creativity and present themselves as contributing members of the community. Through a process that is intense, challenging and transforming â€" Near West Theatre engages participants and audience alike. Individuals from all walks of life come together and share their unique life stories and experiences in order to find their own voices and make personal connections with the production. Through this sometimes rugged and ragged process, people not only discover themselves in new ways but relate to each other through the medium of theatre. The Theatre's programs benefit children, teens, and adults, with an emphasis on serving youth. With a rigorous rehearsal process, four performances at our home theatre, and one offsite show as a fundraiser event annually, NWT offers a creative alternative for many who seek a safe place in which to grow, learn and be responsible community members. From the recruitment stage to performances, Near West Theatre's core value of accessibility makes it unique. Near West Theatre is proud to invite and respect differences in race, culture, economic background, sexual orientation, spirituality, age, skill, mental health, physical ability and size.


6516 Detroit Avenue
Suite 9
Cleveland, OH 44102
216-961-9750 (phone)

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