Speak Easy Cbus

About the Presenter:

Speak Easy: true stories, told live.The idea is simple: an audience, an open microphone, and great stories. Hilarious, gripping, poignant, it's up to you. Audiences are invited to come to listen or come to tell as folks from all corners of Columbus offer their stories live on stage! Held at Wild Goose Creative's warm, intimate space, this night of tales occurs the 1st Thursday of every month. Doors open at 6:30, show starts at 7:00pm. Please arrive early if you want to tell, as we generally only have room for a limited number of tellers, and the sign-up sheet has a tendency to fill up fast. Formed around the idea that people need stories--they're what hold and draw us together--Speak Easy celebrates the strangeness and commonness of being human. And in a world of smartphones, Facebook, Twitter, and more . . . it gives people a real, breathing, in-person way to connect. The night is geared for true stories of all kinds, taking the best tales told around kitchen tables, in darkened pubs, on the street corner, and at late night parties, and giving them an audience. Speak Easy is also great outlet for performers, writers, and artists looking to share their favorite stories and perfect their skills. We strongly encourage tellers to please tell the story rather than reading it so we keep within the spirit of good story telling and stay engaged with the audience. All are welcome!


188 McDowell St.
Columbus, OH 43215

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