2023 Summer Spray Mural


Ariel Peguero

Ariel Peguero (APEG) is a Dominican American artist residing in Columbus Ohio. As a muralist and graphic designer who works makes it a point to blend technology with analogous art making methods. He most recently has been working with murals and augmented reality to host workshops and gallery experiences. Notable clients include Pepsi, Cash Explosion, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Woodford Reserve and Abercrombie & Fitch. Born to two Dominican parents and immigrants to the US, Ariel has a unique perspective on what it means to be an American. There is a complicated dynamic that exists where the American born child is raised in a family of majority immigrants. This is a theme that is constantly popping in Apeg’s work. Through the careful curation of events and symbols from his past that have imprinted onto his psyche, he uses his art to explore the impact this has had on his family, his relationships with significant others, friends, and colleagues.

Fia Soisson

Fia Soisson is currently a junior majoring in advertising and graphic design at Columbus College of Art & Design, in Ohio. They will be graduating with a BFA in the spring of 2024. While Fia is majoring in graphic design, they enjoy experimenting with other mediums and styles of art outside of their major. Most of their works are made with acrylic paint or digital platforms, and they find it exciting to try new mediums like resin. One of Fia’s original character designs, made while attending Columbus State Community College, was awarded the CSCAs Creative Best for a student illustration in 2021. They have been a vendor at multiple art fairs and craft shows including the Columbus Pride Festival. Along with being part of some art fairs, some of Fia’s works have been displayed at festivals like the Ohio State Fair and What? Music and Arts festival.

Jenna Elise Alexander

Jenna Elise Alexander travels the United States live painting at music festivals & selling psychedelic clothing. She is the founder of @soulvisioncompany and incorporates her “visions” into her work and each piece.

Lisa Celeste

Lisa Celeste aka “Sweet Thang” is a muralist whose roots run deep in the street art community. She loves working mainly with spray paint because it offers an authenticity & grittiness that can’t be competed with. Often throughout her pieces she includes a “veil” of swirling colors that represent the fine line of life & death.

Tessa LeBaron

Tessa LeBaron is a painter and muralist who has created artwork all over northeast Ohio. She has always utilized her talents in art but decided to pursue it as a career after taking more studies of graphic design and painting at Lakeland community college. She has applied her business acumen to build her art career from the ground up.

Laney Baby

Laney Baby is a 26 year old artist born and raised in Columbus, Ohio who has had a deep love for art since she could hold a pencil. Throughout her life she has maintained a close relationship with creativity, seeing the canvas as a type of getaway from everyday life. She is passionate about mental well-being, and the topic of mental health inspires her work. She also gathers inspiration from my spiritual journey, as well as my vivid dreams. She is tapped into the flow of creativity, constantly jotting down new ideas and having visions of future projects. She loves to experiment in the studio, and is eager to try her hand at larger projects including installations and sculptures.

Anthony Pomales

Anthony is a Bronx-born Queer Boriqua Artist who imagines his purpose is to uplift kindred spirits like his. Anthony aims to bring empathy and understanding to people that deal with anxiety and depression. He feels that representation is very important, and by being a creative it gives him the space to tell his story and make way for others, especially his nephews.

Juan Daza

Born in Colombia, DAZA utilized graffiti to express his political activism throughout his childhood. After graduating from college, he immigrated to New York and through political cartoons, he found a way to express his opinion and his journey to his new world. After moving to Columbus, he used art as an escape from being a political cartoonist. His nostalgia of the vibrant Colombian tropics is represented throughout his colors. He works with recycled materials and disregards beauty standards while letting his imagination roam free.

Carlos Roa

Carlos Roa was born in Bogota, Colombia and raised in Columbus, OH after being adopted at the age of 6. He was always creative growing up and often found his home in art. He started his career by enrolling to Columbus College of Art & Design as a part of their graphic design program. Outside of his job, he found joy in creating, breakdancing, spray painting, selling art at markets and live painting for events. Carlos discovered his style through his own native Colombian roots and inspirations from other cultures. He takes an array of colors and dream influences; and applies them to his creations with the aim to visually express beliefs, emotions and cultural heritage. His artistic philosophy is to give homage to the spirit of the indigenous people of all nations and unify audiences through art. He has been sharing his philosophy through murals around Columbus and the Midwest starting back around 2014. Although grateful for his degree in graphic design, he craved an art job that would give him more freedom to express his own style and designs. This led Carlos Roa to get his tattoo apprenticeship in 2015 after falling in love with the culture, history and teachings of tattooing. After engulfing his full life into the industry, he decided to take it one step farther and opened 5th Element Tattoo in February of 2019. From there he has been working with different organizations and groups to create community events and experiences.

Niko Taylor

Niko Taylor is an artist & designer based in Columbus, Ohio. Niko specializes in satirical digital & acrylic art. With a touch of expressionistic color, minimalist pop, & comedy, their passion is to translate our reality in order to connect humanity. Niko has designed logos and has been a brand lead for multiple businesses in Ohio, as well as Illustrated an abundance of books, animations and unique pop inspired portraits for clients. This year they have collaborated with The Columbus Museum of Art & are currently Creative Directing the “Creative Best Show” by the Columbus Society of Communicating Arts as well as curating a Pride exhibit at Wildgoose Creative this June.

Hassan Qureshi

Hassan Qureshi is a visual artist out of Columbus, OH. His subject matter varies—from wildlife mural to Arabic Calligraphy—but his focus is always on the details of his work. Qureshi believes that creatives must continue to challenge themselves in order to find new perspectives. To be innovative, one must constantly be willing to push their limits. And that is his pursuit: to try new things in order to broaden his horizons as a professional and as a human being. Through his work, Hassan hopes to inspire his audience in pursuing something that they believe to be difficult or challenging—a goal he shares with many other artists today.
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